Your One-Stop Guide to B2B Buyer Intent Data

To outpace your rivals and maintain a keen sense of your target audience, you must morph into their mindset and adopt their foresight, as if peeking into the future. Fear not, for while we haven't conjured up a magical crystal ball, we have discovered a potent engine with the same prophetic prowess.

Behold buyer intent data – the revolutionary force destined to reshape the landscape of B2B indefinitely.

While we haven’t invented a crystal ball, we do know the kind of engine that can do just that. It’s called buyer intent data and it’s set to revolutionise B2B forever. 

By the end of 2022, more than 70% of B2B marketers will be using third-party intent data to appeal to their prospects and engage buyers across their target companies. 

If you’re unsure what buyer intent is, let’s start at the beginning.

Picture a treasure map detailing the behaviors and patterns of your perfect prospects actively immersing themselves in the search for a solution within your realm. These seekers are scouring the market for your offerings and investing their lifeblood in unearthing the answers you possess.

Wouldn't you yearn to forge a bond with them on this quest?

With Buyer Intent Data, you hold the key to unlock that connection.


Why You Should Be Using Buyer Intent

According to Forbes, B2B explorers in the research phase of their quest will navigate through a labyrinth of up to 12 searches before engaging with an establishment. Each twist and turn they take scatters a trail of digital Buyer Intent data and micro-signals, akin to glowing breadcrumbs illuminating their path towards purchase enlightenment and buyer journey.

By harnessing the power of Buyer Intent, you can voyage alongside your ideal customer profile's odyssey, deciphering behaviors that herald the dawn of a purchasing epoch and equipping you with the intel to refine your marketing and sales stratagems accordingly.

The pièce de résistance? Buyer Intent Data unveils the veil of secrecy shrouding your prospects, divulging a comprehensive contact dossier.

The potency of Buyer Intent resides in its adeptness to truncate your sales cycle while targeting prospects worthy of your attention. Witness the genesis of amplified lead generation and the birth of a burgeoning audience without depleting resources.

Embark upon a voyage with the Lead Onion Guide to B2B Buyer Intent, an illuminating tome of wisdom unveiling the secrets of Buyer Intent, its standing as B2B's indispensable instrument, and its revolutionary role in marketing and sales' future. Above all, we reveal the art of channeling Buyer Intent to fuel your pipeline's fire.

If you don’t know your first-party from your third-party intent or your recency metrics from your ABM data, never fear.

Our complimentary, comprehensive guide unravels the intricacies, merits, and measurements of B2B buyer intent data, elucidating why its value surpasses any other data treasure. Don't merely join the ranks in the pursuit of B2B buyer intent supremacy; ascend to its vanguard.

Download the Lead Onion B2B Buyer Intent Guide today.



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