The Secret To Ensuring Your Prospects Convert Into Hot Leads

The Magic Sales & Marketing Teams Can Make Together

Sales and marketing share a lot in common – customer engagement, company growth, income generation, and the list goes on.

Yet despite their alikeness, the two often find themselves quarreling back and forth over missed opportunities and epic fails. Sound familiar? 

Let’s break it down. Sales want more qualified leads. Marketing want to spot leads quickly and easily.

Sounds simple enough on paper and it probably works sometimes, too. But when it doesn’t, both teams can become increasingly frustrated and misaligned.  

Lack of alignment leads to more lost opportunities for closing deals – and with everything going on in the world, your team can’t afford that! The modern sales and marketing funnel demands better collaboration and communication. It’s time to adapt.

Lead Onion’s all-encompassing platforms ensure that your marketing team is generating quality leads through a qualifying process which sends hot leads – and hot leads only – straight to your sales team.

Creating A Common Language 

More often than not, your marketing team is speaking a different language to sales. With Lead Onion, you have the opportunity to change that.

Intent Data is the common language that will bind your marketing and sales team together. 

Through our speedy Intent Signals engine, we provide your team with high-quality account intelligence at every stage of your customer buying cycle, giving your sales team more in-market accounts to pursue. It’s the easiest way to increase your team’s ability to qualify opportunities so sales can turbo-charge their processes and convert at a higher rate.

If you’re looking to kick it up a notch and get your marketing and sales team speaking the same language, get in touch. 

Become an expert and learn more about Buyer Intent data today! Get the guide. 

Lead Onion Buyer Intent Guide

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