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Learn how lead Onion helps Sales Teams streamline prospecting and connect with in-market leads fasts.

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Lead Onion for Sales

Maximize sales efficiency using Intelligent Lead Generation Tools

Ensure your sales team is working to full capacity and working on the right deals. Use buyer intent data to identify in-market accounts, leverage our compliant B2B contact data to reach more decision makers and use the best sales cadences to close more deals and beat your sales targets.

Leverage intent data in every conversation to smash your sales goals

Prospect at scale using compliant B2B Data with Lead Onion. Identify buyers showing intent, prioritize the hottest leads and reach more decision makers through automation.

Reduce sales cycles using Buyer Intent and Sales Automation

Reduce sales cycles using Buyer Intent and Sales Automation

Lead Onion was designed by sales professionals for sales professionals. From one single platform you can identify companies who are engaging with your competitors today, researching topics relevant to your products or attending large events in your industry AND find compliant contact information for the right decision makers AND automate sales processes.

Reduce sales cycles, accelerate sales and enhance your marketing efforts.

Real-Time Actionable Intent Data that Converts Quickly

Is your sales team complaining about a lack of Leads? They need Lead Onion.

Increase talk time with your hottest leads

Our AI powered lead generation software allows you to create a framework to find fresh in-market leads daily and instantly connect with them through automated cadences. Free up your sales, give them more talk time with your hottest leads.