How to Build Your Sales Pipeline in the Most Effective Way

Need more leads? Use these top tips to build your pipeline faster.

In this current climate, you need to stay current to get ahead and staying current means meeting your customers exactly where they are by matching your sales pitch with expert timing. If you don’t and your lead is even a few degrees short of red hot, then you risk showing them the door…and swiftly pushing them through it.

Stop losing leads and build a funnel built to last. No more leaks in the pipeline. No more lost potential. Only a funnel flushed full with top-quality leads, where you can have your eyes on the prize at every step of the way. 


At Lead Onion, we have the secret. And it just so happens: we’re here to share it.


Building Your Pipeline

Start as you mean to go on, we always say. When it comes to prospecting, you need to put your best foot forward in order to save time and money in the long-term. 

When you open your funnel to an influx of fresh prospects, having total assurance of their quality is the fastest way to act with confidence that the leads you’re selling to are engaged, interested – and above all – ready to make a purchase.

Using Lead Onion’s cutting-edge prospecting tools, you can take the guesswork out of your conversions and expedite the sales process so it’s seamless across the board.


Lead Onion Prospecting Tools


Locate Your Buyer Intent Signals Like Never Before

It all begins with Buyer Intent. 

We’re not the first to coin Buyer Intent. But we’re definitely the first to spearhead an evolution in prospecting which mines intent signals with 20/20 vision of your every potential customer – both targeted personas and the ones you didn’t know you had.

Until recently, Buyer Intent Data has been mainly restricted to first party sources. Don’t get us wrong – we’re the first to show up for ‘first party’ anything when it comes to customer data. But at Lead Onion, we go even deeper.

We do your prospecting research so we can deliver fresh, relevant and invaluable customer contact information to fill your funnel with top quality leads. Our sophisticated engines mine for Buyer Intent coming from first, second and third party sources so you can paint an even bigger picture of the buying interests of your widest possible client base.


The Route To Red Hot Leads

The truly nitty-gritty details (the kind that make you fist-pump the air) is the data happening away from your website or landing pages. 

When a potential customer is talking to your competitors, attending trade shows or events, talking about topics relevant to your products or services, our tools spot these signals.

Lead Onion Buyer Intent

Let’s break that down for you.

Lead Onion can mine the internet to find keyword-specific insights, dig through customer engagement with your competitors, and identify increased consumption in topics, plus we can unveil contact level data for key contacts from the companies visiting your website.

We deliver account-based insights of companies signalling their intent, and give you access to revealling contact level data for your target personas within those organizations. Our tools pull this together as a dashboard full of email addresses, contact numbers and other firmographic data. Your dashboard is accessible to your entire sales team, so anyone can jump in, spot the accounts who are flagging the hottest Buyer Intent signals and the key contacts; making it a faster route to a guaranteed sale.

No more wasting time guessing when a lead is ready. Lead Onion gives you the power to meet your leads exactly where they are…at the top-end of your funnel, with their eyes on you.

Want to learn more? 

Unlock the 10 Secrets to Buyer Intent Marketing today and transform your sales. 


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