Need More Leads? Here’s How You Can Generate Volume Prospects In Record Time

Creating Leads For Your Team: Prospecting At Volume Made Easy

It’s common knowledge that working in sales is hard. There’s so much riding on your team!

They drive your business, fuel your growth and generate your revenue. Without them, your business would ultimately crumble. 

But for large and small businesses alike, increasing sales volume is a crucial concern. And for many, it’s easier said than done. If a lack of leads and the pressure to continually find new prospects is dwelling on you, you’ve come to the right place.

Lead Onion is here to take the pressure off. 

Fill Your Funnel FAST

Prospecting can often feel like fighting an uphill battle. From cold calling to purchasing high-volume, low-value data lists, many teams still rely on ineffective, expired prospecting techniques that drain your time and cost a fortune. We’re here to tell you that the art of finding the right prospects isn’t by doing it manually – it’s by using Lead Onion. 

Our data-driven, prospect automation is the secret to making your prospecting process cost-effective, swift and seamless. Lead Onion automatically finds top-grade prospects from your Website Visitors, Intent Signals, G2 intent, Lookalike tools, Contact Search and Look Up tools.

In return, we drop them directly into your marketing and sales funnel – at scale!

Our prospecting serves you company and contact-level data.

Now that your funnel is filled to the brim, what’s next? 

Work Smarter 

Your funnel is loaded full of potential customers, but identifying quality leads is the secret to your sales success. It’s time to put the buyer first. 

We’ve all heard of the ‘spray and pray’ approach: aimlessly making a ton of phone calls or sending out endless emails only to receive rejection after rejection.

It’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. Why? Because buyers are not all the same. 

Here’s the deal – the buyer has changed. In fact, they are smarter and savvier than ever; they are digital natives. And in order for you to stay on top, you have to change with them. In technical terms: your selling approach needs to be more targeted and more personalised.

There’s where Lead Onion can help. 

Your customers are already talking about you, and your prospects are listening. They’re searching online, downloading content and forming opinions on your product or service before they’ve even interacted with your sales team. In doing this, they’re leaving behind signals that can be mined and turned into valuable insights.

With Lead Onion’s Buyer Intent engines, we take all of this information and put it right in front of you – it’s really that simple! Our tools create a timely picture of buyer intent and pinpoint exactly where they are in the buying journey. This translates into a daily dose of red-hot leads who have signaled intent to buy what you’re selling.Time is your most valuable resource when it comes to increasing sales volume.

Now, thanks to Lead Onion, you can now spend more time actively selling and less time biting your nails and waiting for quality leads to roll in.

Close More 

What’s next? Closing the sale! With all this information right in front of you, your sales team has the insider knowledge needed to target your most likely buyers, with full visibility of ROI and complete end-to-end tracking.

If you’re ready to wave goodbye to prospecting woes, then it's time to learn more about Lead Onion.

Learn more about Buyer Intent today. 

Lead Onion Guide to Buyer Intent

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