Buyer Intent Data and Screen-time

Time Online

It's no surprise that over the past year, people have spent more time online than ever.

Working from home, video meetings, digital social interaction- all of these things have become a necessary fact of live for many of us.

“You're on mute” has become the most common phrase to anyone working via Zoom.

According to We Are Social's 2021 Digital report, the average person now spends 7 hours per day on the internet, a full 42% of our waking lives.

This does vary from country to country; Japan is at the low end of the spectrum, with just 4 and a half hours per day spent online, whereas the Philipines top the scale at roughly 11 hours a day.

The screens we focus on are also shifting. Where television used to be the main screen we watched through the day, mobile phones are now top of the list, with an averge of just over 4 hours spent looking at them during the day.

Buyer Intent Data

Now that people are spending as much time on the internet as they do sleeping, internet companies are changing how they approach customers. 

With people working from home and spending longer hours online, marketers are switching up the way they interact with potential buyers. This is where buyer intent data can help.

Intent data allows your team to track personas online activity.

See when potential leads are online, what they're searching for, even what sites are referring them to your page. Your marketing team can tailor strategies to meet potential clients where they are on the sales cycle.

Personaliszing emails, scheduling ads to appear when buyers are online, and tracking what buyers are seeing from competitors can drastically increase the chances of them engaging with your content.

We Are Social's report also shows that more and more people are active on multiple social media feeds every day. This offers an opportunity for marketing teams to tailor content to best suit each platform. #

Ask your team to think about big questions:

  • Who are they trying to reach?
  • Which platforms are most likely to be beneficial?
  • What type of content will be most engaging on each platform?

Intent data allows you to see what platforms your target audience are spending the most time on, and what content they're engaging with.

By meeting your clients where they are, you are more likely to capture they're attention and get the most value out of their interaction.

The Future for Digital Marketing

As people are spending more and more time online, traditional work hours are changing. This means your digital marketing strategy should be evolving too.

Intent data allows businesses to make the most out of their leads, and spend their time and energy where it mattters.

Marketers know that you can't put a price on the kind of information that buyer intent data provides.

With Lead Onion, you get all the information you ever need under one platform via our 10 powerful tools. 

Learn all you need to know about buyer intent data and what it can do for your company with our one stop guide here.

Lead Onion Intent Guide

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