5 Tips On How To Convert Leads Into Customers


5 Tips On How To Convert Leads Into Customers

Getting your leads is only half the battle – you now need to convert them into a sale and turn them into a paying customer? But how can you do that? 

Here’s our top 5 tips…

1. Offer an incentive

They’re a lead, so they’re likely to be interested in what you’re offering. One of the best ways to secure a sale is by offering an incentive.

Whether it’s a discount or a free gift, people love getting something for less than they should. It doesn’t have to be a big incentive, even a small discount or free sweets can seal the deal.

Make the incentive time-limited for a greater conversion rate. Giving people a small time window encourages them to make the decision sooner, and will drive them to conversion. 

2. Tell them what to do next 

There’s no point sending an email or calling a lead up if you’re not telling them what step to take next.

Do they need to book a demo? Get a free trial? Actively sign up to a platform?

You need to actively tell the lead what the next step is.

Tell them the benefits of the step and how they should do it. One key thing that many people in sales forget is to actually ask for the sale.

Remind the leads what your purpose is and what you want from them – don’t waste both of your times. Something as simple as ‘Are you ready to purchase’ can drastically increase your conversions. 

3. Nurture the lead with a pipeline

Your leads may want to know more about the service you offer, the different products you provide and more about you as a company before converting.

Make sure all your leads are on a nurture journey. Provide them with a range of different content, such as emails, blogs, free guides, to show that you are the expert choice.

Each piece of content should guide them through the sales funnel, as well as providing them with something of use, that informs or entertains them. 

4. Utilise testimonials 

One of the biggest ways to drive someone to a sale is through using customer reviews and testimonials.

If they can see how much you are transforming someone else’s life or business, they will be more inclined to convert and invest in your service or product. Include some key testimonials or case studies in your emails to your leads so they are more encouraged to convert.

Case studies with tangible evidence of returns of ROI work best, as they want to see that success in their business as well. 

5. Get the Highest Quality Leads Possible

You can do all the marketing you want, but if your leads are low quality then your conversion rate will also be extremely low.

You want to get the highest quality leads – people who are actively in the market and looking for what you are offering.

This could be through precisely targeted marketing, or using a data platform that gets you the right leads at the right time, like Lead Onion. 

With Lead Onion, you can:

  • Find companies who are engaging with your competitors
  • Find companies who are actively researching your industry
  • Convert companies who are reviewing your G2 profile
  • Convert companies who are on your website right now 

If you’re looking for leads that will convert, activate 17 sources of intent data and leverage our B2B contact database to reach the right prospect at the right time with Lead Onion.

See the magic engine in action here. 


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