3 Reasons Your Leads Aren’t Working

Why You Need To Stop Bulk Buying Prospecting Data

It’s fair to say that there’s a general dislike towards prospecting.

It’s often described as the most hated part of the sales process (yikes) and can spark frustration and panic among your team. We’re no doctor, but we’re quick to diagnose any feelings of ill-will towards prospecting as a symptom of poor prospecting processes.

Are you prepared to keep buying data which starts going cold right after you hit the buy button? After reading this, you won’t be.

1. Say No To Purchasing Bulk Data  

Your team is getting pushed to produce more leads and close more deals so getting your hands on hundreds or even thousands of fresh, new prospects for a ‘few pennies’ seems like a no brainer, right? If only it was that easy.

In desperation to fill their sales funnel fast, countless businesses on tight budgets follow this technique only to receive outdated, incomplete information full of blacklist emails and bad quality ‘prospects’.

It may feel like you’re saving time, but in reality, you spend a whole lot of money and get very little in return. If you’re lucky, you might find some use with this information however, between hiring, firing, people jumping from job to job and companies being bought and sold, they can actually decay in weeks, never mind months! If you’re bulk buying volume leads, you’re guaranteed to be wasting more money than you are reaping the benefits.

Every time you buy a bulk data list, you’re inadvertently buying data larger than what you have the capacity to service. Let’s put that into facts: after one month, 10% of those leads will have degraded, making your expensive data lists completely useless.

2. Top Quality Leads = Top Tier Deals 

Prospecting needs to be a priority but it doesn’t need to be a tough one. Lead Onion is the secret to making it simpler.

Our automated tools wrap-up hours of manual prospecting into a swift, painless process – all at the push of a button! Honestly! You’re probably asking: what does doing it faster have anything to do with a better output? Well…everything.

When we expedite the prospecting process, we immediately cut out the time wasted sourcing prospects that are anything short of top quality.

Using our prospecting tools, you automatically find A-list prospects from your own site, social media, software review platforms and target company lists and drop them directly into your sales and marketing funnel – and at scale! The result? A dashboard packed full of company-level data, email addresses, positions and contact numbers.

On top of that, our tools put their robotic clutch in gear and check this data for accuracy at the point of delivery, so you can be sure that your contact information is relevant, fresh and up to date.

3. More Detail, Less Noise

Now that you’ve stopped wasting time on unproductive prospecting, you can focus your efforts on actually selling and closing more deals.

Lead Onion not only fills your funnel with optimal prospects but captures key information, right down to the finer details, so you can act on your prospects’ online behavior – and immediately.

No longer are days wasted by sending out mass emails or cold-calling your entire target audience regardless of where they are in the buying process. Our intent-driven tools alert your sales reps when potential customers are showing strong buying signals, meaning you can dedicate your focus to the prospects most likely to become customers.

Using our Lead Scoring, your team can watch prospects move down the funnel in real-time and know exactly when a prospect is making strides towards pitch-point. In essence: you’ll know when to pounce on a sales-ready opportunity!

It’s time to move beyond outdated, no-good prospecting tactics. If you’re ready to land qualified prospects at scale, skyrocket your sales and save time and money whilst doing so, then book a demo today.

What have you got to lose?

Book a demo today and let Lead Onion show you what we do and how we do it.

No obligations. No time-wasting. Only red-hot results.

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